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A sneak Preview at the Brand New Sabre 66!

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Sabre 66 concept rendering3a_KB copy

When Sabre first began building 28 foot sailboats in 1970, there were very few large, owner operated motor yachts in use. Over the past forty+ years the fleet of large, private vessels has grown dramatically with new operating systems allowing owner operators to be the masters of their own yachts. Sabre followers have watched as the size of the yachts we offer has shifted with the times.

To date our largest motor yacht offering has been the Sabre 54 Salon Express and Fly Bridge, the first of which will debut at the 2014 Miami Yacht and Brokerage show. But owners of these designs have asked us to make the next step and we are proud to announce the design of the Sabre 66 which will make its debut in mid-2015.

This very exciting project, built in our Rockland facilities, is designed by our in-house team led by Kevin Burns. Kevin has been busy with this project for some time, developing hull shapes, deck styling and of course, mechanical and interior layouts. The 66 will be equipped with Volvo Penta IPS1200 pod drives and will cruise in the mid 20 knot range. Her displacement will be 80,000lbs and her interior will feature a full beam master stateroom below her helm deck. Social connectivity of the cockpit and interior spaces is the key to this open and airy layout.

As the Sabre 66 moves from CAD drawings to reality we will offer regular updates on the Sabre blog. Stay tuned.

Wasabi Green with Envy

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Sabre 48, Back Cove 37

Recreational boating has evolved in the last few generations. In my parents era it was the “men against the sea” generation. My mother pretended to enjoy boating but we all knew she was more comfortable with both feet firmly planted on shore. On the surface she put on her game face and somehow managed to survive our annual summer cruises along the foggy coast of Maine in our early 1960’s 29′ wooden Pacemaker. She was a saint to put up with all of us, my father, two sisters, a brother, and Crystal our Dalmatian.

Times and attitudes have changed for the better. Couples’ who are deciding if boating is a lifestyle they are committed to, are now doing so as partners. Are they looking for a canoe to quietly paddle around small pond and enjoy the sun sets in the western sky? Are they competitive sailors immersed into the sport of one design racing? Maybe they enjoy picnics with the children and grandchildren on a Saturday afternoon in a power boat which is comfortable enough to be cruised after the grand kids are safely buckled into their car seats and heading back home.

Whatever the decision, today more couples are making them together, as a team.

Sabre and Back Cove have been lucky to have found such a team in Becky and Bob Preston. We were introduced to them when they fell in love with the Back Cove 33 and Petzold’s Yacht Sales in Portland, CT. Shortly thereafter, they teamed up once again with Back Cove and commissioned a Back Cove 37. Both boats are very distinctive. If by chance you find a Wasabi Green Back Cove 33 or a 37 running along the east coast you have found one of the Preston’s formerly loved boats. Becky and Bob commissioned their first Sabre late this summer. FAMILY TIES III, is a Sabre 48 (hull #038) and she is ….Wasabi Green. This fall they are heading to the Sunshine state for the winter and plan to spend most of their time on board.

Bob and Sabre are very fortunate to have Becky Preston in our lives. For Bob, she is relatively new to boating compared to him and she is passionate about it. She plays an active role in all aspects of the boat and their cruising. Her belief is that “it is important for the mate to know how to handle the boat”. I didn’t dare ask who the captain is and who the mate is, but I believe it is safe to assume they share those roles. For Sabre, we are fortunate to have Becky as part of the family. She commented, “All along the Sabre 48 was my favorite boat and I helped push Bob along to reach that same conclusion”. Now that is a solid partnership that works for the Prestons’ and Sabre!

Most of the time while running Becky and Bob support one another to ensure safe passage and enjoying their time on board. You will find them sitting next to each other with one of them at the helm while the other is navigating. In bad weather Becky typically finds herself as the helms person and Bob is the navigator.

Whenever possible the Prestons’ will anchor while cruising. Becky is as comfortable at anchor as she is in a slip. She loves ducking into Seal Bay on Vinalhaven Island, in Maine, for its unique peaceful nights where the stars are bright in the sky above to anchoring in the Bahamas where the water is so clear that you can spend hours looking over the rail at the star fish below.

The Sabre 48, her “favorite boat”, has creature comforts that help her therapeutically in a sense. She has her sanctuary, in of all places, the crew quarters. As Becky says, “that’s my part of the boat”. Other Sabre 48 owners have made similar comments about the crew quarters. It is a unique space that is fun to show off at boat shows. For Becky she has customized the space for her sewing machine and equipment. They also have the washer and drier and a television in there as well.

The Prestons’ have two grown children, no grandchildren yet, but their daughter and her husband have a foster child. Her name is Hannah. While on a weekend cruise to Nantucket earlier this fall, Hannah proudly proclaimed the crew quarters as “her room”.

Recreational boating has changed in so many ways in such a short period of time. The days with the attitude of “men against the sea” are giving way to couples, families, and friends actually getting pleasure from pleasure boating. Advances in on board systems have made boating safer. Couples such as Becky and Bob Preston work together to learn these systems that are changing the way we boat. Thank you Becky for having faith in the Sabre family and being passionate about a lifestyle you and Bob share.

You can follow Becky and Bob’s adventures by visiting

Contributed by Tucker Thompson, Customer Relations Representative