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Back Cove 37 in Charleston, South Carolina

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In early 2014 my wife Susie suggested we do something new (crazy), as we were getting older and maybe needed something else in our lives. I said ” Do you mean maybe a second home?” she said, “No, how about a bigger boat?”. Wow I had better check my hearing. A friend of mine said I had better get to the boat dealer before she changes her mind. I really didn’t think she liked boating.

I’ve had small boats up to 28′ and Susie hadn’t gone out with me in the last 10 years. I then realized she liked climate controlled boating. Enter Coastal Carolina Yacht Sales in Charleston, SC where we live. I called our dealer, who I bought my other boat from and asked about a used Back Cove 29. I knew nothing about Back Cove except they were climate controlled. The boat was sold so he suggested we come out and just look at boats. I think he meant let’s look at yachts. Susie and I went over one afternoon and looked at everything from 30′ to 48′ and decided on the Back Cove 34.

We traveled to the factory in Maine and watched how they were made. We ordered the 34 and I proceeded to get docking lessons from our dealer on a Back Cove 30, which he promptly sold. I then went to the 34 for lessons and he sold that boat also. I then went to the 37 for lessons on a used 37. after my lesson, I wanted Susie to look at the 37 and maybe we should consider the larger boat as opposed to finding out next year we should have gone larger the first time. So we switched gears and cancelled the 34 to order a 37. It was delivered in late November 2014 at which point we spent the next several months learning the boat (aka the Yacht)!

We named her Pied-a-terre which deemed appropriate since she was our second home. The 37 is fabulous, everything we thought it would be and more. We just finished our first trip and traveled north to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina and had a great weekend. It was a great way to get our “feet wet!”

We are still learning but are more comfortable in its operation. The thrusters even make me look good in docking the boat!

Susie & Drew

Charleston, South Carolina