Maine Tradition Sabre Motor Yachts

Since 1970, Sabre Yachts have been crafting vessels in the Maine tradition. That means quality, impeccable craftsmanship, innovation and pride. Owning a Sabre yacht comes with the timeless features of lobster yachts backed by the thorough, well crafted workmanship every yacht owner should demand.

The Sabre Yacht Tradition

Sabre Yachts is a perfect fit within the family of Down East yachts as the goals and passions of every employee from both companies are so closely aligned. We represent Sabre because their products are built with the latest technology and rooted in classic features, with each vessel created by passionate designers and craftsmen.

Sabre 38

Sabre 38 Salon Express

Sabre 42

Sabre 42 Salon Express

Sabre 40 FB

Sabre 42 Fly Bridge

Sabre 45 Salon Express

Sabre 45 Salon Express

Sabre 48

Sabre 48 Salon Express

Sabre 48 Fly Bridge

Sabre 54

Sabre 54 Salon Express

Sabre 54 FB

Sabre 54 Flybridge

Sabre 66

Sabre 66 Dirigo